VeroDalla was born Véronique Anne Chabrolle, in the French town of Beaune, Burgundy, her father a scientist, her mother a co-owner of vineyards. At the early age of ten, she was faced with catastrophic health challenges and, while hospitalized during a major surgery, brought back from the brink of death. She describes her experience:
"It’s a state of mind where you feel everything is a part of a whole, everything is connected. You don't only see the light – you feel it, you live it, you are a part of it."
On the long road to recovery, including from a form of cancer, she searched for a deeper understanding of body and mind and explored the insights revealed by Sigmund Freud in his "Introduction to Psychoanalysis." Freud's findings were instrumental in providing a clearer understanding of the human psyche and alternative solutions for her to achieve optimal health.
At the age of nineteen, VeroDalla partnered with a noted chef, first as manager, then as owner of a Michelin-starred establishment in Nuits St. Georges, achieving success in the world of gastronomy.
In 2006, while driving through the fertile fields of Burgundy, and inspired by the simplicity and complexity of nature, VeroDalla had a revelation that art was her path, and her life. She began creating works in her private studio, researching techniques and experimenting with mediums through which she might reflect her experiences. VeroDalla began to show her work first in Burgundy in 2007, then in galleries, exhibits, and finally, at French national art shows.
LivenLuLu was born in 2009, a work that has garnered ever-increasing popularity. VeroDalla's career took off quickly as her pieces made their way into international private collections through exhibitions in Monaco, Lyon, and Paris, Venice, Verona, and the USA. Now we find her work in more than 30 countries.
Emotionally drawn by the diversity and excitement of New York City, she decided to make it her new home in 2012. There, her first sales came through works auctioned by Christie’s during a conference on collecting art as an investment strategy. She began to mingle with the New York art community. 
Her creativity knows no bounds, launching more than 60 exhibitions since beginning to create art, designing unique creations that symbolize the fight to overcome the obstacles we all face in life as we attempt to reconnect to our true selves. 
VeroDalla currently lives, creates and works in New York City and Jersey City.