Born as Véronique Anne Chabrolle in the idyllic town of Beaune, Burgundy, VeroDalla hails from a lineage deeply rooted in scientific research and French viticulture. Her father was a distinguished scientist, while her mother co-owned some of Burgundy's vineyards.
At the tender age of ten, VeroDalla faced a severe health crisis that led her to a near-death experience and transformative state of awareness. This pivotal moment ignited her lifelong quest for understanding the mind-body connection, leading her to study Sigmund Freud's "Introduction to Psychoanalysis" at just eleven years old. As she bravely battled and recovered from cancer, VeroDalla also delved into the world of epigenetic and quantum medicine, seeking holistic approaches to healing and well-being.
In her late teens, VeroDalla ventured into the world of French gastronomy, partnering with a Michelin-starred chef in Nuits St. Georges. However, her true calling revealed itself in 2006 when a solitary poppy captivated her imagination. Recognizing her passion for contemporary art, she began experimenting with various artistic mediums in her private studio. Each piece she creates is imbued with conscious meaning, reflecting her unique experiences and insights into the interconnectedness of life.
VeroDalla debuted her artwork in 2007, initially in local Burgundy galleries before expanding to renowned art exhibitions across France. Her art quickly gained international recognition, featured in private collections through exhibitions in Monaco, Lyon, Paris, Venice, Verona, and the United States. Her 2009 series, LivenLuLu, has particularly resonated, now showcased in over 30 countries worldwide.
In 2012, VeroDalla relocated to New York City, drawn by its cultural diversity and dynamic art scene. She quickly gained traction, with her artwork auctioned by Christie's as part of an art investment strategy conference. To date, VeroDalla has participated in more than 80 art exhibitions—half of which have been solo shows—both nationally and internationally. Her unique creations symbolize the universal human journey to overcome adversity and discover one's true self.
VeroDalla continues to create and inspire from her studio in New York City and Jersey City. Her artwork serves as a testament to her resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of deeper understanding, both in the realms of art and holistic healing.